18th Annual SOMA Research Symposium (8/1/2013) 

The 17th Annual National SOMA Research Symposium will take place this fall at the AOA’s 57th Annual Research Conference in Las Vegas, held during the OMED 2013.

 2014 Spring Convention (2/24/2014) 

Take a look at our upcoming conference, including the most up-to-date agenda, and our smartphone app!

 SOMA Constitution and Bylaws (3/4/2014) 

At the Fall Conference, the House of Delegates approved a new Constitution and Bylaws for SOMA, those documents have now been approved for use by the American Osteopathic Association and have been released to the public.

 Now Accepting Student Forum Discussion Issues (7/12/2013) 

The AOA Council of Student Affairs is hosting a meeting with representatives of the SOMA, COSGP, the AOA and AACOM to discuss questions, issues and concerns relating to osteopathic medical students. Contribute a topic of discussion now!

 New Member Scholarship Winners (6/26/2015) 

Congratulations to our New Member Scholarship Winners! Eric Goldwaser- UMDNJ, Meghan Cooper- LECOM-Bradenton, Kaitlin Kamrowski- LECOM Bradenton, Eric Asbe- DMU, Joshua Kropko- LECOM

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